Sunday, February 17, 2008

Political Stances

Got this from Nicole. Pretty cool, ne? I thought myspace was full of crappy surveys and memes like that, but lo and behold! An actual interesting survey!

I had to fill it out.

1. are you for or against gay marriage?
Absolutely for. Why should we deny the happiness of these people? Human beings should all have a right to marriage. Honestly, some people are treating them like they're of another species.

2. what do you think about premarital sex?
Contraception is your friend, unless you live in Hollywood.

3. do you believe religion is a hoax?
There’s nothing wrong with faith, but to be honest, some zealots frighten me. But I’m not going to scoff at you if you’re religious. Faith can do incredible things to a person.

4. are tattoos a form of self-mutilation?
XD I don’t believe so, but consider any possible regret!

5. how do you feel about drinking?
A little bit here and there isn’t horrible. But I draw the line at right-before-tipsy. Conservative, I know. =]

7. how do you feel about peircings?
Keep it on the ears! Not a lot of people can pull off multiple piercings.

8. are you an anarchist?
Organization is good for the world.

9. do you preach to people what their religious beliefs should be?
I don’t shake them around until their religion falls off. But I do add my opinion on religion if the topic comes up, but not in a shove-in-your-face way.

10. do people preach their religious beliefs to you?
All the time >.>

11. do you think people should be able to show their tattoos and leave in their piercings during professional working hours?
Ear piercings - one per ear - should be the maximum. If they’ve got extra holes, just don’t fill them up! As for tattoos, that’s a toughie. I guess they should be kept discreet, though I’m fine with any number of tattoos.

12. what would you say to people who constantly get into arguments about politics?
“Oooh, do you mind if I eavesdrop?”

13. how do you feel about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer?
It’s pretty sad if said rich person is Paris Hilton and said poor person is trying his/her best to make it in the world. Our economy is terribly wacked up in that manner. Give poor people a chance! Just because they’re not economically sufficient doesn’t mean they’re unskilled and coarse. It’s probably one of the worst stereotypes.

14. would you ever split your tongue? XD

15. what do you say to "women belong in the kitchen"

Same thing as Nicole would say - try having periods and poppin’ out babies through a hole - that mind you, is definitely not a Spartan Pit of Doom - and having your basoomas bouncing around every time you run!

16. many adults feel children nowadays dance too dirty at occasions like prom. what do you think?
Grinding lines are pretty fun, though I’d never join in. It’s ingrained in society now - and although I believe it’s on the negative side, I also believe that dirty dancing at prom is not too bad. But then again....there are always exceptions. *coughTCcough*

17. do you believe in capital punishment?
Never. Sentence them to hard labor under maximum security. The economy is boosted, even slightly, and jobs are filled up. And also? I believe they should suffer for their wrongdoing. And nobody should ever have to be put in the position of deciding if a person should live or not, whether it is war or capital punishment. I believe this even if the accused is a murderer - they’ve done a horrible wrong. But they should not be put to death for it - they must be given however much time they have left as punishment and time to think about what they did. Because you’ll never know if they’ll truly, truly feel sorry about it in the end - and that repentance is worth so much.

18. are you for the legalization of marijuana?
It’s probably going to be safer for the general populace, though restrictions should definitely be placed on the sale of it.

19. how do you feel about breastfeeding in public?
I honestly don’t know. Go to China, and you won’t even be ALLOWED to have an opinion on this one. XD You see boobs hanging everywhere!

20. what do you think of america?
A lot of people say America sucks because of Bush, healthcare, insurance, etc. A lot of people say America’s awesome because of freedom, freedom, freedom, etc. Both balance each other out, though America DOES seem to be lagging behind in the education department now. No Child Left Behind was a theoretically good thing to do, but in actual practice? We’re trying to get 100’s, not learn anymore.

21. what do you think of 'social norms'?
It gets a lot of shellacking, but I believe it’s necessary for a general sense of decorum. People don’t really appreciate how much it really does for public displays of - anything, really. It may seem like a restriction on freedom (well, actually, it really is) but you must think of what would happen otherwise - uncontrollable anarchy, which isn’t as cool as it sounds.

22. do you think music should remain uncensored?
I’m wondering why, on one rap song, the word ‘bitch’ and ‘humping’ were censored, but ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ weren’t. Either way, music should be censored for playing in public places were children might randomly pop up, but if you’re buying the song, give it uncut in all its glory, please! And also, we wouldn’t have this whole censoring issue if we stopped cussing all the time.

23. do you think creation, oppose to evolution, should be talked about and taught in public schools?
Ooooh, this is a goodie. I think it should be mentioned as an alternative explanation, but not taught as part of the curriculum. There’s too much of this whole religion issue - the reason why it shouldn’t be taught in its whole is because America does have an obligation to have freedom of religion. Teaching Christianity’s point of view, whilst not teaching other religions’ point of view, may bring on tons of criticism. I believe science classes should touch on the subject of other religions, but only to inform and interest the students of possible explanations - they shouldn’t be presented as actual fact, on Monday’s test. I’m an evolutionist, true and true. But one atheist-turned-Christian told me that one of God’s days is equal to thousands - maybe billions - of our years. If you view it that way, there could be congruency between creationism and evolutionism.

Religion may not be agreed upon by all nations of the world, but for the most part, science is. And evolution has been scientifically proven.

24. are you for or against abortion?
I agree with Nicole - only in cases of rape (proved, not claimed) and within a certain time period of conception. But otherwise, in not-rape situations, there’s contraception. That’s the real issue. Make it more available, let people realize it exists, and abortion wouldn’t be such a huge issue. Also, abortion should definitely be legalized because it’s safer for women that way. Otherwise, they might resort to potentially dangerous methods that might not even work, and end up with a child with crippling disabilities.

25. do you believe in evolution?
Of course.

26. how do you feel about the news?
It’s very biased - portraying sad stories of abducted, pretty white women as opposed to an unattractive ethnic man. It’s proven fact and it disgusts me. Like with the whole Jessica Lynch case - did anybody know that one of the other women captured with her actually died? She was ethnic and not as ‘pretty’.

27. how did this survey make you feel?
More defined on my stances.

This took me a while, but I'm happy. Off to candy now!

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