Saturday, March 1, 2008

I passed out!

I passed out at school on Friday.

Since Tuesday night I'd been coughing up blood, but I never thought I really needed to go to the hospital. I realize that that may sound ridiculously foolish of me, but I wasn't coughing up bucketfulls of the stuff, and when I freaked out over the first taste of iron in my mouth, my parents looked at me sternly and said, "Go drink more water, is good for you health." So I did, and it cooled down a bit. But from then on my body began feeling seriously weird, and I had a few breathing issues. My best friend, Gabe, went berserk when he saw me at school, and nearly forced me to go home/to the hospital. But I really didn't think I needed to go until yesterday. I was walking back to school from JROTC and felt a sudden stabbing pain in my head. A friend of mine went up to me, worried because I had stopped walking and was sort of swaying on the ground, clutching my head. Just as he came next to me, I passed out. But he caught me, yay 8D So I don't have a concussion on top of what the docotr later discovered was an aneurysm.


I'm in high school. What am I doing going around with an aneurysm, of all things? It's ridiculous.

On top of that, I took a lung test, and it told me that my lungs were 46 years old. Holy schmoly guacamole. That's older than both my parents o.O I seriously need to take care of myself. Aneurysm, asthma, and possibly some blood/brain disease too. Can't wait to get my test results on Monday. =]

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